National Workshop on Social Dialogue and Economic Performance: Direct Impact on Profitability – Amman, August 8th – 9th 2016

The first national conference of Employers took place in Amman on August 8th and 9th 2016, under the high patronage of the Jordanian Minister for Labour, Mr Ali Ghezawi and in partnership with JCI-Jordan represented by its President, Mr. Adnan Abou Al Ragheb. This session led to the signature of a consensus and partnership agreement between BUSINESSMED and, Tunisian, Moroccan and Jordanian Employers, for a more effective cooperation on social dialogue issues. The conference brought together several experts and top managers in order to develop proposals and recommendations by opening a dialogue on the consensus between the employers and the employees for the smooth running of company performance.


In this regard, during the opening ceremony of the seminar, Mrs. Jihen BOUTIBA MRAD, BUSINESSMED Secretary General, underlined that “The adoption of the social dialogue represents an unquestionable priority for the consolidation of social peace in the region, an imperative need/sine qua non for meeting future challenges in terms of development, supporting an active participation to work ethic and promoting the consolidation of social justice.” im4This first seminar will be followed by two national seminars in Tunisia and Morocco before leading to a regional seminar which will show the first project results and the state of play of the social dialogue in each concerned country with specific analyses drawn up by international experts, providing valid and practical ways of improving and strengthening the social dialogue and the economic development, key factors for peace and social stability in the Mediterranean region.

This seminar was the occasion to compare national situations on the field of the social dialogue providing a platform for discussion and sharing of views between experts and institutions: a way to look more closely at how social dialogue in today’s world geo-political framework may play a fundamental role.