4th industrial revolution:learning, working and competing | the actors of social dialogue debate education, employment and youth

Futurália is an initiative of AIP Foundation that in 2017 marks its 10th edition, whose main mission is to confront the youth with their options regarding academic and professional future where is possible the interaction with institutions, enterprises, government, universities and research centers.
This event has an exhibition/demonstration space with over 20 thousand square feet. Additionally, Futurália will develop an insightful and debate Forum that will aim to anticipate trends and where people will take a stand on central themes (education, training and employment). In this framework, the Forum also seeks to establish “bridges” of dialogue and cooperation with different regional areas and their actors, such as the European Union and the South of the Mediterranean. The fact that the AIP Foundation is part of the SOLID – SOCIAL MED PROJECT, which focuses on social dialogue, linking actors from Jordan, Tunisia and Morocco to the Southern Mediterranean and a number of European countries and institutions, constitutes an excellent opportunity to stimulate a join initiative with the theme: “Social Dialogue Actors and other Stakeholders in the face of the emergence of the 4Th industrial revolution: education, employment and youth.”
Since this is a global impact’ theme seems to be of greater interest and opportunity an Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue.

The challenges of the 4th industrial revolution are not just technological, but have an economical, social and political nature. The importance of the stakeholders’ active participation, specially the participation of the social dialogue actors, has the utmost importance, taking into account their influencing capacity on many of the orientations and policies regarding education and training, employment and youth. According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), tripartite social dialogue brings together workers, employers and government to discuss public policies, laws and other decisions affecting the workplace or the interests of workers and employers. In this perspective, the most “open” and broader social dialogue is the one that promotes social justice, fair labor, sustainable development and social and political stability.

This Forum has as main objectives:
• Understanding issues regarding digital transformation of the economy under the 4th industrial revolution and facing the challenges on a business, economical, social and political level;
• Anticipate proposals and solutions brought by the 4.0 industry in the framework of qualification employment and youth, engaging the different stakeholders(in a multi-stakeholder perspective);
• Mobilise social dialogue actors and stakeholders in strategic areas of cooperation regarding three main themes: education, training, employment and youth;
• Analyse transnational cooperation opportunities (intra-European and extra-European), in particular in the Euro-Mediterranean framework regarding three main themes: qualification, employment, and youth.