National Capacity Development Workshop on the Social Dialogue

In collaboration with Applied Social Sciences Forum and the participation of around 20 representatives of Ministries, Trade Unions, NGOs, CBOs, and other civil society groups, the Arab NGO Network for Development ANND held the National Capacity Development Workshop on the Social Dialogue Charter in Tunisia on 6 and 7 March 2018.

The discussion was based on the draft of the common working ground between Trade Unions and Business. It was divided into several thematic sessions covering the components of the draft and aimed to provide NGO and other CSO input on the themes covered by the draft, in preparation for the drafting of the charter. The agenda covered the following:

  • Unemployment and Social Protection: Unemployment and Employment Policies
  • The Role of Social Dialogue in Combatting Climate Change in Tunisia
  • Informal Labor and Structural Adjustment.
  • Education and Training
  • Equality, Equity, and Combatting Discrimination Against Women

The workshop came out with several recommendations related to the themes above, in addition to identifying several indicators that could be used to measure progress.