SOLiD’s 5th Advisory Group Meeting

The Arab NGO Network for Development organized, on March 25th and 26th 2018 in Beirut, the fifth advisory group meeting for the SOLiD project. The event was attended by the project’s partners and representatives of Employers Organizations, Trade Unions and Civil Society from Tunisia, Jordan and Morocco.

The meeting, inscribed within the third phase of SOLiD project, focused on discussing the preliminary project for the development and promotion of social dialogue between the social partners in the South-Med region under the title “Charter for economic development, social justice and labour rights and the promotion of social dialogue and social negotiation”. The draft charter was based on three axes, namely the presentation of the normative and legislative values and principles of the draft Charter, the presentation of its strategic areas and the presentation of the axes of the Charter’s work programs. The meeting also included a workshop for each of the three sectoral parties to discuss the Charter followed by the restitution of recommendations and proposals to make it more appropriate to the requirements, needs and context of the represented Parties and countries that will sign the final version of the Charter. The participants stressed on the need for the Charter to consolidate common points and issues in the countries represented, namely Tunisia, Morocco and Jordan, while respecting the context and laws of each country. An expert should be appointed to complete the final version.

On the sidelines of the meeting, the Steering Committee of SOLiD met to discuss the most important updates of the pilot project and its progress and to study the possibility of extending the project to be implemented in other countries taking into account its success and progress.

SOLiD aims to create and improve an enabling environment for social dialogue between employers and trade union organizations, with an effective involvement of civil society through capacity-building activities in this domain.