SOLiD Project Results

Social Dialogue & Labour Union Workshop - Amman, Jordan

SOLiD Project Kick-Off Conference

SOLiD Database Presentation

SOLiD Project : Background through the history of Social Dialogue

Interview with Mr Ziad ABDEL SAMAD, Executive Director, ANND, Lebanon

Promotional Campaign for the SOLiD Project

Second Conference of the Arab Union of Trade Unions

SOLiD First Conclusive Conference for ``The Promotion of Social Dialogue in the Southern Mediterranean``

SOLiD Project Outcomes - Arabic version subtitled in English - SOLiD نتائج مشروع

SOLiD Project Outcomes

What is SOLiD About?

Interview with Mr Jean-Paul DELCROIX, General Secretary, CNT, Belgium

Statement by Hisham El-Loumi, Vice-President of the Tunisian Union of Industry, Commerce and Handicrafts

Diagnosis of the reality of social dialogue in Tunisia Mr. Abada Mahjoubi Expert in social law and professional relations

Presentation of the project 'SOLID' Ms. Asmaa Al-Qaitouni Project Coordinator for Employers 2

Presentation of Mr. Khalil Ghariani, Chairman of the Federation's Social Affairs Committee

Statement by Mr. Mohamed Ali El Dayahi, Director of the Office of the International Labor Organization for the Maghreb Countries

Dialogue within the institution and anticipation of disputes Mr Sami Al-Salini is a member of the Union's Social Affairs Committee

Launch of the social dialogue project in the Mediterranean region 08/08/2016

20h TV news 16/09/2016

Develop social dialogues

Social Dialogue: Interview with Dr Laith El Qassem

Social Dialogue: Interview with Dhoha Salem Abu Ragheb

Social Dialogue: Interview with Ziad Abdel Samad (ANND) and Mustapha Said (ILO)