First Conclusive Conference for the Promotion of Social Dialogue in the Southern Mediterranean

Marrakech, October 2nd 2018, the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) organized the first conclusive conference for the promotion of Social dialogue in the Southern Mediterranean. The event was held in the frame of the Pilot project for Promotion of social dialogue in the Southern Mediterranean (SOLID), a project funded by the European Commission, with the participation of high-level representatives of the European Commission, of Governments, Employers Organizations, leaders of Trade Unions, civil society organizations, experts, local authorities, social dialogue institutions including Economic and Social Councils ESCs of the South & North of Mediterranean and Media.

The ultimate goal of SOLiD is to develop the capacity of Trade Unions and their homologues of Employers’ Associations in Tunisia, Jordan and Morocco, in order to promote a dynamic, inclusive and reinforced institutionalized social dialogue and consultations with the broader civil society. Taking into consideration the complexity of the social dialogue process, SOLiD aims at creating and improving an enabling environment for social dialogue between the social partners, as well as promoting civic and multipartite dialogue with civil society organizations and regional and local authorities.
and also promoting a community of practice by identifying and sharing innovative tools and models of effective social dialogue.

In the frame of this conference, a Symposium was organized to exam and adopt the last draft of a “Charter for the promotion of social dialogue in Southern of Mediterranean”, adopted by all the partners and target groups in SOLiD’s project.