SOLIDAR & Mediterranean Trade Unions Organisations met in Marseille to strengthen advocacy on human & trade union rights

On the 9th and 10 April, in Marseille, SOLIDAR members together with trade unions organisations from Egypt, Algiers, Morocco, Libya, Jordan, Italy, France and Spain attended the workshop “In search of mutually reinforcing policies between trade union rights and human rights in the Mediterranean region”.

This workshop, organized by SOLIDAR, has been organized within the frame of the SOLID project.

SOLID is a EU funded initiative whose ultimate goal is to promote a dynamic of inclusiveness and reinforced social dialogue by developing the capacity of Trade Unions and their homologues in Employers’ Associations and civil society organizations. SOLiD is lead by the Arab Trade Union Confederation (ATUC), with the participation of 6 others different partners as SOLIDAR.  

During the encounter in Marseille, the European and Arab trade union confederation (ETUC and ATUC), together with civil society organizations represented by SOLIDAR, drew up a work plan for the coming months with the advocacy priorities if strengthening the support for trade union rights in the region. 

The different organizations participant in the workshop analyzed the situation of trade union rights as a part of human rights in Palestine, Libya, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria and Jordan by trade unionists from each of the mentioned countries. On behalf of Europe, in addition to the contribution of the ETUC, some interventions were made by the trade union organizations of Spain, Italy and France.