Activities types

Employers' activities

In order to be able to act with efficiency and to ensure relevance, feasibility and sustainability of the actions, an in-depth analysis of the economic, social, political and institutional conditionality of social dialogue in the target countries will be conducted. The findings will be stored in the database for reference and the conclusions will be submitted to the organisations involved for further discussion and identification of challenges and opportunities in a series of regional and national seminars.  This research will take place in the first year whereas the seminars on findings and challenges will be held in the second year.

A diagnosis of the employers’ attitudes and positions towards the social dialogue content and practices in the region will be held. The target groups will conduct national research on the role and positions of the national organizations in social dialogue processes in their countries at enterprise, branch and inter-professional level.  They will also look into their roles in the Economic and Social Committees or similar organisms where appropriate.

These activities are crucial in helping the local actors to get acquainted with the economic, social, legal and organizational content and practices of social dialogue and its institutional challenges.  This is one of the backbone activity packages of the project.  The concept note outlined some of the thematic issues for inclusion in the workshops: social dialogue concept; legal basis and framework; negotiations practices and skills; health and safety.