Target groups

The target groups of the project are a combination of Employers’ Associations, members of Trade Unions Confederations and Civil Society organizations in Tunisia, Jordan and Morocco:

  • Employers’ Associations and members of BUSINESSMED: CGEM (General Confederation of the Employers of Morocco), UTICA (Tunisian Union of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts) and JCI (Jordan Chamber of Industry).
  • Trade Unions Confederations and members of ITUC/ATUC: UGTT (Tunisian General Union of Labor), GFJTU (General Federation of Jordanian Trade Unions), UMT (Moroccan Union of Labor), UGTM (General Union of Workers of Morocco) and CDT (Democratic Confederation of Labor in Morocco).
  • Civil society organizations affiliated or working with SOLIDAR and ANND: Such as the Association of Lawyers for Human Rights of Jordan, the Jordanian Women Union, the Associative Space of Morocco, the Tunisian Association of Democratic Women and the Arab Institute for Human Rights in Tunisia.